Telefonisch ab 30.05.2022
Mo – Fr 09:00 bis 17:00
+43 (0)316 846094

Karten und Festivalpässe müssen innerhalb einer Woche in der spleen*festivalbüro (Schießstattgasse 33, 8010 Graz) zu den Öffnungszeiten abgeholt werden.

In der Festivalzentrale und in den Spielstätten ist nur Barzahlung möglich.

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About spleen*graz .

9th International Theatre Festival for Young Audiences

In its 9th edition, spleen*graz 2022 moves to early summer 2022 so that …

  • present, contemporary theatre can be celebrated outdoors and indoors, but definitely live,
  • encounter and exchange are possible without danger for the audience as well as for the artists,
  • we invite international guests and also present the local scene to them in a Styrian Window,
  • it is also possible to organise an international exchange of young cultural workers – the next generation.
We present outstanding international and domestic plays for young audiences that capture the complexity of our world and make it accessible, that reveal rather than reproduce, that give courage to live, that invite and challenge the audience, that entertain but do not disperse, that make you marvel.

spleen*graz 2022 is optimistic about the future together with its young audience and has a lot planned:

  • a high quality, diverse and exceptional arts and culture programme for ALL – children, young people and adults;
  • national and international theatre companies with current plays theatre companies with currant plays, that deal with contemporary themes, unusual forms and surprising play spaces;
  • to show how serious, demanding and fun professional artists can produce for a young audience;
  • to present a current art form in which diverse genres such as music, dance, acting, painting, film, video art, performance, etc. interact, and live to critical young people who are to be won over;
  • to establish foreign-language plays for foreign-language audiences as a natural part of the festival;
  • with the participation track spleen*trieb to actively involve local young people and young actors in the design of the festival and to enable an exchange with young people from other European countries. Performances, actions in public space, theatre miniatures or installations by young artists for young audiences are created;
  • a complementary programme of theatre workshops, workshops, festival newspaper, dialogues, guided tours, European discourse and exchange, music and dazzling parties;
  • so that the whole town joins inspleen*graz cooperates with many venues, e. g. with: Grazer Spielstätten, Next Liberty, FRida & freD, Theater am Lend, Kristallwerk …