Telefonisch ab 30.05.2022
Mo – Fr 09:00 bis 17:00
+43 (0)316 846094

Karten und Festivalpässe müssen innerhalb einer Woche in der spleen*festivalbüro (Schießstattgasse 33, 8010 Graz) zu den Öffnungszeiten abgeholt werden.

In der Festivalzentrale und in den Spielstätten ist nur Barzahlung möglich.

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Supporting program

Around spleen* ...

At spleen*graz there are not only plays, but also an exciting supporting programme: concerts & parties, exchange and dialogue as a starting point for spleen*trieb projects, communicative meeting zones and much more!

spleen*festival headquarters

We transform Ortweinplatz into a cozy meeting place for children, for residents, for our audience – with concerts, parties and much more!

spleen*goes Kaiserfeldgasse

In cooperation with the City of Graz and the Department of Open Children & Youth Work, we turn Kaiserfeldgasse into a communicative meeting zone for young and old for two days!

... and even more spleen*

Styria Window, Master Class, Dialogues and Theater Education


The happy few

BRONKS / Belgien


Fri 24.06. / 6:00 pm / Next Liberty

Afterwards: together by bike, roller skates … to the festival headquarters.


Platzkonzert mit Candlelight Ficus

Fri 24.06. / 8:00 pm / spleen*festival headquarters

Afterwards: Party at TaO!

Wo ist Felix?

Two teenage girlfriends are looking for their friend who suddenly left. Find Felix and get spleened! All his friends are already looking for him on Facebook, on Instagram, on TikTok… Does he really exist? Again and again they find clues on the net where he could be. You have heard he wants to visit Spleen … and in REAL! Find Felix!

Fri 10.06 & Fri 17.06. / 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm / on the way between Kunsthaus and Lendplatz

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