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Karten und Festivalpässe müssen innerhalb einer Woche in der spleen*festivalbüro (Schießstattgasse 33, 8010 Graz) zu den Öffnungszeiten abgeholt werden.

In der Festivalzentrale und in den Spielstätten ist nur Barzahlung möglich.

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spleen*trieb 2022


As part of the newcomer programme spleen*trieb, young European artists will be serving up performative morsels of theatre, music, dance, performance and poetry. In passing, they dock onto the festival, confront the audience with unusual formats and make them creatively hungry for more.

There are spontaneously garnished text experiments of choice for sale at the take-away stand, while brave ones are whisked away to forbidden backyards in search of the naughty. There, stories of being read can be discovered in public bookcases, while around the corner the doors to adulthood, which have become far too small, are opened. There is a breath taken and with the next breath sent on a dancing journey, while in the sky digital clouds carry their seductive algorithms along.

6 crossover art projects developed by and with regional and international young artists* and presented to the public for the first time.

There …
… they are gone again.
Do you discover them all?

Sense and sensibility


An installative performance about the essence of sensation


Leading Team: Antonia Orendi, Jana Rabofsky

Video store with voluntary self-regulation


Leading Team: Lisa Loigge, Lisa März

Literary snacks to go

Read me!

Leading Team: Nicolas Galani, Clara Hudel

What’s between the lines?


Leading Team: Shirin Rieser, Azlea Wriessnig

A physical confrontation with something little


Leading Team: Carmen Schabler, Alex Wychodil

An open world rescue mission