Clemens Nestroy
Pop-up Planetarium
Travel through the fantastic vastness of space. Zoom into planets and their moons as if you were inside a rocket. Admire huge hazes of dust and gas. Discover stars that have exploded or just been born. The mobile canopy of stars is a digital planetarium that allows you to discover the sky in completely new ways. The shows are hosted by astronomer Dorothea Kuchinka and are fully interactive: You decide where you want to go. What did you always want to know about the universe?
Free admission, please register by sending an e-mail to tickets@spleen-graz.at
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Mon 22.04. / 12:00
Free entry
Mon 22.04. / 13:00
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Mon 22.04. / 14:00
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Mon 22.04. / 15:00
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