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Karten und Festivalpässe müssen innerhalb einer Woche in der spleen*festivalbüro (Schießstattgasse 33, 8010 Graz) zu den Öffnungszeiten abgeholt werden.

In der Festivalzentrale und in den Spielstätten ist nur Barzahlung möglich.

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Everything rushes outside, everything becomes livelier, more colourful and hopefully more open. The city is gripped by its very own atmosphere, it smells of heat, ice cream, holidays. And right in the middle of it all:

spleen*graz 2022 – June 24 to July 2, 2022 .

9th International Theatre Festival for Young Audiences

Easy and light, breezy and bright, with open hearts and curious glances you shall receive them, the many foreign theatre guests from Belgium, France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, but also the local ones, this time especially the Styrian ones.

24+ plays / 6 crossover projects / dialogues / concerts / parties … and so much more!

You won’t be able to miss spleen, because you’ll stumble over it, over the many spleen*trieb projects created for you by young artists, or over the open-air stage in Kaiserfeldgasse. And in between, the street becomes a playground anyway, giving an idea of how unadulterated life can be without cars in the city centre. The Ortweinplatz becomes the centre of festival action.


Of singing houses, talking stones, dancing robots, of Rosa Luxemburg and Kohlhaas, of wolf, tiger and mayfly, of demons and so much more!


6 crossover art projects by and with regional and international young artists serve up performative morsels between theatre, music, dance, performance and poetry.

All around spleen* ...

More than just theatre: concerts & parties, exchange and dialogue as a starting point for spleen*trieb projects, communicative gathering spaces and much more.

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