Clemens Nestroy
Since its very first instalment in 2006, graz has presented works by young artists at the core of its programme. The next generation and the one after that (also many generations in between) are invited to experiment and present themselves at our festival. This anniversary edition will bring you young artists from Graz, Vienna, Bremen, Frankfurt and North Rhine-Westphalia. They will forge utopias, tackle contradictions, form (group) identities and build breezy bridges between generations.
But of course, the big names of theatre for young audiences will be there, too. They will be coming from the United Kingdom, Japan, France, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, Austria and Switzerland to enchant us – and you: Together we will delve into the colonial history of Central Europe with striking imagery and travel, buffoon-style, into a dystopian universe. A whole theatre building will let you smell everything you always wanted to know about the confusions of the adolescent body before we will finally meet Pinokkio looking for freedom in a whole new interpretation.
graz is eager to create structures free from discrimination and abuse, where all life situations are welcome. We want graz to be a festival where all those involved feel comfortable.
For the team, building awareness is an ongoing process on which we work together, constantly enhancing our knowledge and making it visible in trainings, workshops, experiences etc.
This year, we will again focus strongly on participation and diversity. Allowing participation – that’s our desire but also the task for our festival. We will do everything we can to provide low-barrier access to everybody. Step by step, we are approaching our goal.
Events with no spoken words:
Club Origami, Der Wischmopp des Monsieur Mutt (Monsieur Mutt’s Mop), Vergessen (Forgetting/Forgotten), Grasshoppers, Schnaufen (Wheezing), Tiébélé
Non-German-language events:
The Choreography, Kaffee mit Zucker? (Coffee with Sugar?), Pinokkio, Nuggets
All performance venues and the festival homebase
If you experience or witness abusive or discriminatory behaviour or if certain situations or other reasons make you uncomfortable, please feel free to reach out to us. We are there for you. We will listen to you and offer our support. Remember: You get to define when your personal space has been invaded. Together we can figure out what you need in those situations and mediate between people as appropriate. Nothing the person affected does not want will happen. We will treat all information you reveal to us sensitively and with discretion and we will not relay anything to others without your consent.
A person from the team will be available to you during the festival. You can reach us most of the time by the following phone number and e-mail address: +43 664 4658970, awareness@spleen-graz.at
As a theatre festival that has the future in mind, graz feels obliged to include the concepts of sustainability and ecology in all activities and projects. This means that we make a point to act responsibly in terms of ecology in all aspects of festival-making from the printed materials to travel and catering.
Festival directors
Anna-Katerina Frizberg
Caro Pucher
Hanni Westphal
Manfred Weissensteiner
Natascha Grasser
Hanni Westphal
Manfred Weissensteiner
Andreas Flick
Natascha Grasser
Festival Homebase
Flora Hogrefe
Verena Kiegerl
Martina Kolbinger-Reiner
Guggi Schneider
Festival bar
Felix Dallermassl
Michaela Czernovsky
Andreas Flick
Technical direction
Clemens Zabini
Group support
Lisa Aigelsberger
Kerstin Hatzi
Christina Grilj
Festival support
Sophie Bauer
Jana Czernovsky
Laura Küng
Anna Westphal
Stazija Filipovic
Technical team
Tom Bergner
Tom Grassegger
Mike Heid
Richard Kornberger and the Next Liberty tech team
Gerhard Michl
Nina Ortner
Ronny Priesching
Lisa Raschhofer
Sebastian Schweighart
Tobias Teichmann
Wolfgang Wöhry
TRAFO // developing arts & audiences, Andreas R. Peternell
Clemens Nestroy
Graphic design + Illustrations
Taska, Martin Hofbauer