Clemens Nestroy
RESONANZRÄUME (Resonance Spaces)
Experiments of encounter around the performances
How can a theatre foyer become a space for interaction? What artistic impulses enhance a visit to the theatre? Where does a theatrical experience begin and end?
In the context of the EU project ‘Exit the Room’, young artists look for new approaches to encounter, connection and dialogue between theatre-makers and audiences. In several try-outs, they will experiment with the results.

Florian Altmann, Maddalena Bertassi, Imke Daum, Vanessa Defant, Casper Eberley, Sarah Frank, Viktoria Kasprik, Leah Sophie Klein, Julia Knöß, Adriel Ondas, Elena Puchelt, Jana Rodenbach, Sara Schmiedl, Linnea Schneider, Lisa Striezel, Elena Trantow, Rose Türemis, Tim Wedell, Clemens Zoller

Thu 18.04. / 22:00
Free entry
Fri 19.04. / 22:00
Free entry
Various locations
10 +
In German