Clemens Nestroy
ES LEBE DER SPORT! (Hooray to Sport!)
An athletically aesthetic confrontation of conflicting worlds
Stick to the status quo and don’t even try to think differently and reconcile different activities. Art and sport? Nothing can ever happen between those two. Or can it? Our two competing teams will meet to set their imaginations in motion. Join in to experience an immersive, dynamic and creative performance on and off the stage.

Ariane Fuchs, Clara Hudel, Aiga Adler, Verena Hirmann, M. A. Muschter, Brian Roberts, Julie Salme, Gina Stempfle

Thu 18.04. / 16:30
Free entry
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Sat 20.04. / 09:15
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Sat 20.04. / 13:45
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Tue 23.04. / 15:00
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FRida & freD – KNOPFtheater
10 +
In German