Clemens Nestroy
Clemens Nestroy
Theatre researchers
A curtain goes up, a stage lightens up somewhere, there are costumes over here, and over there there’s dancing, music sounding from afar, something is happening at every corner of the city. It is the seekers’ goal to shed light on the big and small events of the festival and to hold onto them for a moment. In a field study on the world of theatre, they build their own little microcosm full of ideas, memories and curiosities, piece by piece.

Tom Bräuer, Ilvy Wachter, Timo Grasser, Tim Bergbauer, Hannah Schmallegger, Nayeli Webhofer, Clara Heschl, Alexandra Borkenstein, Irena Aki Abraham, Chandika Angammana, Liliana Plietzsch, Maria Denisa Miron, Fernanda Gröber Baldivieso, Isabel Parth


Azlea Wriessnig, Alex Benke

Thu 18.04.
- Wed 24.04.
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Wed 24.04. / 15:30
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